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Love Wishes Quotes

  • I dont care how u are, we are both retards..
  • 143: means I luv u. In our own way.
  • the luv is the way of happiness
  • Sometimez it’s the things that u can’t do, that bring out the brilliance of what u can!
  • Bcoz u’re the gift in my life, I give you my gift of

Love Sayings

  • The best thing about me is you
  • Especially towards those we love the best
  • If I have to choose
    between loving you,
    and breathing,
    I would use my last
    breath to say I love you.
  • we walk through hell
    but it’ll be alright
    because we are together.
  • You’ve Got a lot to say
    For the one That Walked


Love Wishes

  • I wish to owe all your evils and complexity  and desire to provide all my pleasure and delight to you. Be forever glad my love….
  • love can be cracked any time. but friends cannot cracked perpetually. friends ship is healthier then love.
  • My seraph, I invite deity why do you generate archangel notify of person & he alleged, now for you.
  • It’s astonishing how unintelligent you can be while you are in feel affection for
  • Sleeping is stiff when your brain is full of belief.
  • I want a rapport that everybody is green of.
  • I’m superior at falling in love with natives I can’t have.Fire-And-Water-Heart-In-Love

Best Love Greetings

  • Luv is a language spokan by eachone but understoood just by the heart…
  • I luv her & that’z the beginning of everything
  • nighttime, lovable az they, Made little by loverz play, so far extended by the lack of the day.
  • I was reborn when u initial kissed me.
    Part of me die when u left me.
    But now I silent live,
    behind u for the day u go back to me.
  • Love is a medication
    for any kind of injury,
    but there is no pills
    found in the globe for
    a abrasion set by love.


Love Greetings

  • I find for myself deficient to be missing again
  • now and then we allow our luv go confined
  • i can’t stay to expend the relax of my life wid u..


  • ur skin is not papr, dn’t slash it..
    ur features isn’t a mask, dn’t secrete it..
    ur size isn’t a book, dn’t evaluator it..
    ur Life isn’t a layer, dn’t finish it..
  • i desire to be through you in anticipation of the sun falls as of the sky..
  • i just desire 2 place on ur chest and listen in to ur hart beat..

Top Love Greetings

  • 4 u observe each day I luv u more, 2day more than the past and less than future.
  • A adore to is without just go stronger.
  • Luv is like the gust you tin see it but u can’t suffer it.
  • Luv, A very burly word. Use by severe vigilance.
  • Luv iz calm of a lone spirit inhabit 2 body.


  • Luv can beat you now 1 peak bar it can final for a life peak.
  • Luv is like a bird
    If u hold it tit it diez.
    if u hold it lit it flyiess.

Greetings For Love

  • If It All fallz Apart ,
    I’ll identify cavernous
    In My Heart
    The Only daydream That
    Had appear right
    In Thiz Life,
  • luv iz not n exam
    dat u pas or fail,
    love is not n competion
    dat u won orr lose,
    luv iz a feelling in which
    u take care of some 1 mor then wallpaper
  • My luv 4 you iz like a fart, silent but deadly.
  • 4 it waz not into my ear u whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lipz u kised, but my soul.
  • love is dificult to locate ,amazing to have ,easy to lose,and tough to overlook,i love everlastingly .
  • Smile create plants living
    sing construct nature animate
    open your eye craft sun alive
    hum formulate effigy alive
    keep your lips on my heart
    …to compose me alive.
  • on every occasion u think blue, I will be there for u,
    on every occasion u sense blue, I will be there for u,
    on every occasion u are sad, I will wait by ur side,
    on every occasion u want somebody to love..
    I will always be there for u 2 have.
  • If It All fallz Apart ,
    I’ll identify cavernous
    In My Heart
    The Only daydream That
    Had appear right
    In Thiz Life,I Was Luved By u